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January 25
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Sep 26, 2013, 1:40:10 AM
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18 inch Poseable Princess Cadence Plush by PlushActionToys 18 inch Poseable Princess Cadence Plush by PlushActionToys
I know I already have pics of princess Cadence but this pic was just TOO ADORABLE not to post and is my favorite way to display her!  Apologies for the content repost :-D
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Envirotech Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
that Cadance pose..  really neat!  I gotta ask, must be some good weight/bulk in the tail for her to stand upright like that, or is the whole pony verrrrry light weight :)  I like the gem on the top her crown and those hoof boots look really great too!  Very nice plush! Ooh and stretchy lycra/spanex, I wound up using; now I'm not a plush maker or anything to do with fabric, but one day I hope to learn sewing or something, it looks like a neat hobby and I always like working with my hands. But I wound up getting some stretchy lycra material for my guitar amp. My amp came without any fabric on the front, it was a bare metal grill and it had a bit of a neat look to it, but the speaker cone had a ton of dust/pet hair on it. So a trip to Ottawa street and I found some cool fabric with an art deco pattern on it. hehe  It's pretty much my only fabric project ever, but I'm still proud of it.  No one else has an amp that looks like it I bet.
Hi there - thanks for liking her pose like this!!  To answer your question, her tail is very firmly stuffed so that it doesn't bend under the weight of the pony.  I would say that Cadence weighs more than your typical plushie because she is both firmly stuffed and she has a ball jointed skeleton inside of her that allows her to pose.  She feels substantial but still cuddly and not heavy if that makes sense.  I was SUPER excited to find that gem on her crown and thanks for noticing!!  I did a scaled drawing of her before I designed her pattern and that gem is the perfect show accurate scale - yay!!  I LOVE that stretchy lycra and that's awesome you found some great fabric for your amp!!  I bet yours is the only one in the world like that and looks awesome!!  I would love to see if it you post pics in your gallery or you could email me at :-)  I LOVE do-it-yourself projects too!  My sewing room has a corkboard I made out of an old frame I painted skyblue and covered with canvas.  It is perfect for planning plushies and selecting colors.  I'm almost done with an eraserboard I made out of a piece of glass in a frame with decorative paper behind it for listing commissions and supplies I need to buy for them.  My next project will be a memory foam cushioned sewing chair to replace the uncomfortable drafting chair I have been using for years.  :-)

I wish there were more hours in the day to get all the stuff down I want to :-)  I have a guitar sitting in the basement that I haven't touched in years but I would love to dust it off and remember how to play again.  I was never great - just a couple of basic chords but the fun thing is that most songs are pretty simple.  Maybe if I have time I can come back to it.  Thanks for the nice comment!!
Envirotech Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Ah that makes sense then, it was what I had thought in my head just looking at the picture.   Ooh interesting, ball joints.  I have seen just a few plushies made like that.    No no, that makes very much sense to me.  My Rarity plush has wires holding the mane and tail to make the shape pose-able, but I can still give her a nice hug.  And the plush is built pretty solid, I had her at Bronycon last year and she survived, was worried the tail might come off the most.    Cool!  Always like when you can get something right.    Oh thanks! :D   It is, I posted a picture in my deviant art gallery just before submitting the comment, I'd figure you would want to have a look at it c: .   Alternatively, there are a few shots of it on stage with me at CANterlot con, including one pic I took of just the amp and Sweetieplush;…    Ooh, wish you luck with the chair and the guitar.   Ah no problem, thanks for the reply!! ^_^
I love experimenting with different posable features.  I have a new pattern for a posable anthro plushie base in the works that will be a lot of fun to flesh out.  I LOVE your amp that you did!  That fabric looks incredible and it looks very expensive!  Great job! :-)
Envirotech Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks!  I don't recall it being too over priced, I don't know if I still have the receipt kicking around or not. (not in my bill database, it's probably gone :\ )   It was a fun and satisfying job to finish up and not have to look at an open speaker anymore ^_^   Oooh wish you luck with the new anthro plushie too!
Pegaraffeasaurus Feb 15, 2014  Student General Artist
She is available for commission :-D  Commission slots are full at the moment but note me if you would like a quote and if you want to be notified when slots open :-)
Pegaraffeasaurus Feb 16, 2014  Student General Artist
:) (Smile) 
That looks awesome! Great job in this! (brohoof)
thanks a ton for the gratz and brohoof!  :-D
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